Padova: The Art of Dragon Warfare

Giovanni was once a young padawan in Padua, providing the ideal guide for our day trip to the city last week.


Our time was spent at a variety of unique, interesting locations.   Continue reading


The Delightful Necessity of Culinary Indulgence

Our purpose in being here is to work with the music manuscripts of the Greggiati Library.  This work has progressed, however there are a number of other experiences in which to shape our time spent in Italy.  In addition to culture, environment and language comes the delightful necessity of culinary indulgence (which also results in an equal necessity to exercise).   Continue reading

One Week To Departure

With one week until boarding the plane for Italy, preparations have sped up and are drawing to a close.  The trip seems all the more real as the days pass.  Traveling to Italy has been a long-time dream and to have this opportunity while working with music manuscripts seems almost too good to be true.  My background is in recorder performance at the Jacobs School of Music, however this summer I will be completing my Masters of Library Science with specializations in music and rare books.  My focuses in this current degree are the cataloging and conservation of rare books and manuscripts, especially in regard to music materials.  This program and the corresponding research fit well with my schooling and interests, however as the only participating student who is not in the Musicology program, I am coming from a different side of things to approach the work.  I am experienced working with manuscripts and cataloging rare materials, however this program will provide the opportunity to focus more on the research and discovery side of music manuscripts.

This past semester, after receiving the official go-ahead for the program, we have been meeting regularly in preparation.  In addition to familiarizing ourselves with the programs we will use and ironing out travel details, we have begun our research, (using the resources of the IU Cook Music Library), of the records for manuscripts we will be working with during our time there.

It is exciting to be a part of such a unique program.  Between the manuscript work and the cultural and travel experiences outside of the library, this will prove to be a trip of a lifetime filled with adventure, delicious food and large quantities of gelato.