Tough Questions…

Invito a present Progetto IU

…but not impossible, hopefully.

The Greggiati library and the Comune di Ostiglia have organized a public meeting tomorrow evening, where I will be faced with one of the situations I thought existed only in job-interview simulations. “Pretend you have to explain to non academics why it is important to study music history.” Gosh. Can’t we talk about my dissertation instead? No. And, if anything, my present scenario is even worse.

My version of the question would be, “pretend you have to explain why a small town in Italy should spend  tax-payer money to host students from the US who (with exceptions) barely speak Italian and have them study an old  collection of musical scores. Is this study such a priority? And surely, there must be musicologists in Italy who could reach the town by train and not using three different flights??”

Well, that’s it, minus the “pretend” part! Gosh again? Perhaps. Though I think I have at least a few good answers. We’ll see tomorrow…


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