Manuscript 2

After spending nearly two and a half days cataloguing my first manuscript, I began to despair that we would ever make it through our allotted lists by the end of our time in Ostiglia.  There turned out to be a pretty steep learning curve for the first record, and progress was slow as we collectively worked through each field, often discussing at length the more theoretical questions that arose in the process.  Should we create separate records when two clearly independent manuscripts were bound together, or are Greggiati’s finished products the objects of our cataloguing attempts?  Do we trust Greggiati’s notes on provenance and history, and thus integrate them into the fabric of the record as “facts” about the manuscript, or do we treat them separately as simply one more layer of historical data, interesting less for what they tell us about history than what they tell us about Greggiati?  How do we treat manuscript groups that have been treated by previous scholars as multi-volume works, but which were clearly bound and collected at different times?  These discussions and many more were necessary before we could forge ahead in our task, but consequently work was slow.  Happily, now that we have worked through many of these issues, work on subsequent records moves much more quickly.  Finishing my first manuscript after nearly 20 hours, today I moved on to my second manuscript, which took only 45 minutes.



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